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Work and play

A typical summer day in Pickstown.
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The Drugstore was an important social center for adults and town kids alike. It also acted as the "anchor store" for other facilities in the commercial area.

The shopping Center was the location of the post office, barber shop and beauty shop. The C&C General Store, The Pickstown Super Market, Kwik Service Laundry, The Pantry Bakery, Tip Top Shoe Shop and The Rocket Cafe were also close by.

Pickstown was always well represented at the Lake Andes "Fish Days" parade.
Lewis Whitney ('51), Don Heur ('51),
Frances Canfield ('53)
Greta Benson ('53),
 Frances Stephens ('53),
Sally Green (''53)
Curly Vanderheiden ('53) & his hot rod '41 Ford
Kim Patberg ('53), Keith Stephens ('54), Jim Fero ('53), Guy Rhoades ('55), Don Barker ('54), Art Trautman ('54) goofing around at the old Fort Randall chapel
Grant Brown, Max Brown, Fred Gillam, Bob Brown
Milo Brown, John Gillam
Mary & Brandy Fitzhugh
Harry & Roy Rice
Bob Roper, Woody Castle,
Don Kretsinger, Paul Nelson
John Gillam, Max Brown
Polio Benefit basketball game
Polio Benefit "teachers band" parade
Saturday night dances held in the motor pool garage were a popular event.
Water Safety Class: Nancy Naas, Jane Richards, Anne Cover,
Helen Taylor, Judy Naas, Bettye Roper, Sarah Halloran
Hanging out at the drugstore after a summer swim outing
Swimming below the dam was a summer pastime.
Ice skating on the Missouri River
Tom Brokaw ('58),
Don Zoucha ('54),
Larry Vath ('52),
Keith Stephens ('54)
practice their
gymnastic skills.
"Twirp Dance"
Guy Rhoades ('55),
Sandy Roper ('55)
attending a popular
neighborhood party.
Dick Jackson ('54), Frances Canfield ('53),
John Halloran ('54) reassemble a farm wagon
that had been accidentally rolled
down a hill.
Hospital Staff.jpg

First Row:  Barbara Kinyon (partial picture),

Betty Probart, Dr. Flymm (MD), Pearl Olson,

Mary Fitzhugh, Bernice Gillan

Second Row:  Unknown, Unknown (barely visible), Ruth Moncrief, Unknown, Unknown, Bridget Flynn, Pauline Casey (Dr. Casey's wife and nurse),

Ruth Keener, Dr. Casey (Dentist). 

Note:  Picture was taken by nurse Louise Trotter.   

Pickstown Women  circa 1950's 

Front row: Daisy Larson, Lucile Myers,  Mary Fitzhugh, Harriett Orr, Jesse Gremmels

Back row: Duane Livingston, Ruth Cover, Mae Doop,      Peg Fisk, Ruth Moncrief, Ruth Hollis, Avis Wright,

Nobe Gillam, Jan Price, 2 school teachers, Vi Strutz, Jean Agrimson

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